Introduction: How to Make a Minon Costume

This was a huge success & pretty easy to make.  Here is what you will need.

1 Hot glue gun
1 Exacto knife
2 yards of 1" foam rubber
2 yards of yellow fabric
2 yards of denim fabric
1 roll of metal flashing.
2 Large black buttons
Black duct tape
white acrylic paint
red acrylic paint
8 domed shaped buttons
1 small sheet of plexi glass
2 black gloves
2 black boots
1 awesome boyfriend to dress as gru!

Step 1: Step 1 - Buliding the Basic Structure

First I decided that i was going to use 1 inch foam rubber.  You can find this in any upholstery store.  I bought 2 yards for $20.00.  Initally I wanted a cream or yellow foam but this is what they had on sale.  Glad i went with the black because it forced me to have to cover the costume.  I cut the foam at 4ft x 6ft and rolled it into a tube and hot glued the ends.  I cut the dome shaped top by slicing a pie and bending and gluing the pieces together.  Measuring myself i cut an eye hole and arm holes.

Step 2: Step 2 - Trying It on for Fit

Simple as that.  Try it on for fit.  At this time I knew the costume was too long for my short body. lol.  I had to cut it down so it would hit my mid thigh.  I purchased a big flashlight from the dollar store and thought that would work for the goggle, but a as you will see it was to small.

Step 3: Step 3 - Finishing the Basic Structure and Cutting the Mouth Opening

After I made sure the fit worked for me I drew the mouth in total, teeth and tongue.  I wanted the "Whaaaaat?" look and by no means am I an artist.  But I did my best to sketch it and I was pretty pleased with the results.  I used a very sharp exacto knife to make all of my cuts.  I cut the teeth and tongue first and then removed the excess. Then I needed a fabric that was a little stretchy and soft.  I found a bright yellow fleece on sale, bought the stretchy denim, the velcro, the buttons and the silver rivit looking buttons.  I total I spent $20.00 at the fabric store.  Next I hot glued the fleece to the foam wrapping in the eye hole and mouth securing them with more hot glue.

Step 4: Step 4 - Gluing the Base and Creating the Lip.

Next I stuffed the lip with a bit of foam to give it a 3D look and then pulled the fleece tight around the bottom gluing that too. 

Step 5: Step 5 - Adding the Goggle Band

After covering the suit with the fleece on top as well,  I then used black duct tape doubling up for width.

Step 6:

Step 7: Step 7 - Painting and Installing the Teeth and Tongue.

I used a basic .50 cent acrylic paint white, and red,  The foam really soaked up the paint so I had to give it a couple coats but the black sharpie I used to sketch with showed through a little so it really looked great.  After letting them dry,  I hot glued the teeth and tongue in. I created Overalls and straps with the denim fabric and hot glued the buttons on as well as the bib. I am no seamstress so everything i did was with hot glue and or the velcro that sticks with heat,  I created the the pants by cutting a large U shape for each side. that closed with velcro. 

Step 8:

Step 9: Step 9 - Creating the Goggle

I tried a few different options and creating the goggle with foam and flashing was the best option.  I cut a long rectangle out of foam and secured the ends with what else but hot glue.  I used metal flashing you can find in the building material section of your local hardware store.   It needs to be the thinest you can find so its plyable so you can bend it around the foam.  Secured it with hot glue (careful the metal gets really hot) and glued an half moon shape to the upper and lower goggle to cover the front.  While i was at the hardware store I also picked up a little piece of plexi glass to cut in a circle for the lens.  I was not as successful as I had hoped with cutting the plexi glass but I did not have the right tools co my cuts were a bit jagged.  The finishing touches were the little buttons that looked like domed bolts,  I glued them on as well. 

Step 10:

Step 11: Step 11 - Final Touches

Last I created the straps with the denim, created sleves with the left over fleece, made the hair from black sprinkler tubing gluing it on and found white cartoon gloves with 4 fingers (spray painted them black) and wore black leggings and shirt so the cut out looked black.  I also wore black boots.  This costume was a huge success and everyone wanted to take pictures with me.  I won some costume contests and made quite a bit of money even after paying off the expenses for the costume!

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