Introduction: How to Make a Money Clip That Looks Like a Hand

When I decided to design a money clip, I was thinking about how it should look like. Then I looked at my hands and then came the idea: let's make hand looking money clip. Here it is how I made it.

Step 1: Making the Base

First of all, you should make the base. I made a rectangle and then drew a finger. Then drew another rectangle pointing upwards. After that I drew a smaller and a bigger arc and pushed to the other side and pulled the drawed the finger up to the level of the arc. After everything a erased the unnecessary lines.

Step 2: Making the Top Part

In this you have to make the top part by connenting the fingers end to the end of the arc. On the third picture I'm cutting a bit from the bottom of the top part, so when it's 3d printed it doesn't stuck together.

Step 3: Making the Fingers

I drew three guide lines to help me to separate the fingers then drew four arcs. I drew long rectangles next to the guide line and pushed it downwards (only about one milimeter), because it separates the fingers visibly. I erased the unnecessary lines here too.

Step 4: Final Touches

I painted everything green. I really liked the idea, that was shown in the 3d money clip tutorial, so I used it too. It helped holding the money in place.I used a rectangle solid instead of the round shape. I put the rectangle solid to the top part and pushed a bigger rectangle shape downwards carfully to make sure the two parts don't touch each other. 
Congratulation! You have made you money clip! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as I did making it . :)

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