How to Make a Neat Cardboard Gun

Introduction: How to Make a Neat Cardboard Gun

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In this Instructable, I'm going to show you what's written above. If you can't see that for some reason, "How to make a neat cardboard gun" is what it says. This will show you how to make a cheap cardboard gun, for play purposes, although not guarantee to last any amount of time.

This is an entry for the Gorilla Glue cardboard contest. :-D

Step 1: Supplies

Cardboard, obviously.
Duct tape works good,
a rubber band,
a ruler if you want,
and i used a toy capsule form the little machines around malls i had lying around.

Step 2: The Gun's Barrel

Follow the pictures for a better understanding.
You don't HAVE to measure up precisely, because i didn't and it worked fine.
Ta ke the item in the first picture, cut it into nice even rectangles, and tape them together into the barrel part of the gun.

Step 3: The Trigger

If you'd like a trigger that snaps back after shots, follow this. It's a little (little tiny) bit harder than it looks.
I've put notes telling you what to do, so just look below. :)

Step 4: The Handle

Making of the handle, pretty much like the barrel, make the four rectangles, tape them together, BUT, there's an important thing in the 1st pic which you have to do. Just again, look below. =)

Step 5: Finishing Up...

I took my toy capsule and taped the bottom to the back of the barrel. I then took the top and shoved it down the barrel, which gave it a slightly bulged look, if you looked closely.
you can also spray-paint it if you want, add more bits, make it look more authentic, etc. I just made the basic frame for you. You might also consider covering the gun with poster-board or something if you want to spray-paint it. =)

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