Introduction: How to Make a Paper Lily

This instructable will show you how to make a lily out of paper.  In order to make it, you will need a piece of paper (any size as long as it is a quadrilateral) and a pencil or pen.

Step 1: Make a Square

If your piece of paper is already square, then you can skip this step.
Fold the edge of your piece of paper to the other edge, lining them up as best you can.
Fold the remaining chunk back along the line.
Crease it well, then tear it (or cut it)  off.

Step 2: Crease It Like an "x"

Fold into a triangle again the other way

Step 3: Fold It in Quarters

Fold the paper in quarters and then unfold it. It should look like the picture.

Step 4: Make a Square Base

Fold the paper in half and bring the ends together along the creases

Step 5: Fold the Wings

fold the edges of the wings from the top section of the model into the center crease and unfold. 

Step 6: Compress the "wings"

open each of the wings and fold down across the creases.  (Tip: it is easier to get a better corner if you use a pencil to help fold it.)

Step 7: Fold in the Bottom Sections

Fold the bottom sections into the crease in the center.  Repeat for all four sides.  Make sure you are not folding the smooth side.

Step 8: Fold the Model in Half

Fold it right in the center next to the corner of the triangles you just made and then unfold it.

Step 9: Rotate

Rotate the model 180 degrees.  the opening should be facing away from you.

Step 10: Unfolding

Unfold all all the triangles you made in step 7.  

Step 11: Make the The Pollen Things

Pull the center down and fold in the triangles back over the new triangles.  Repeat on all four sides.  They pollen things may be called stamens.

Step 12: Flip Up the Triangles

Flip all the triangles you just made up.

Step 13: Fold the Bottoms

Switch to a FLAT section of the model.  Fold the edges of the bottom part of the flower into the center crease.  Repeat for all four flat sides.

Step 14: Open It Up

gently move the petals until it becomes square.

Step 15: Curl the Petals

Using your pencil, curl all the petals to finish your lily.

Step 16: Enjoy Your Flower

Congratulations! You have a flower that can never die!  Give it to that special someone or your arch nemesis. It's up to you.