Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Solomon Bar Bracelet!

In the following tutorial I will demonstrate how to make a paracord solomon bar bracelet. It is easily the most common paracord bracelets, often also called a cobra knot bracelet or the square knot bracelet (by macrame enthusiasts). I feature this bracelet in my book.

To make the bracelet you will need:
- some paracord 550
- a pair of scissors
- a lighter or some sort of heat to melt the cord ends with

The technique to make the bracelet is really simple. We will have a core made out of a piece of paracord folded in half (In the tutorial it will be represented with the orange color). The black piece of cord will be our working cord. To make the bracelet pattern, we will alternate making the knot on each side of the bracelet. 

The knot we will be making is called the cobra knot and involves "making a four", then making the knot.  This action will be better represented once you see the tutorial that follows. I finish the bracelet using the knot and loop technique. The last, spherical knot is called a diamond or lanyard knot. Learn how to make one at It is an essential knot to know!

I hope you will enjoy my tutorial. Please comment if you need help with anything!

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