Introduction: Paracord Medallion Tutorial

In this short tutorial I will show you how to make a paracord medallion. 
This is a fairly rare project, in fact I I have not found it being shown anywhere other than my website, Paracord Guild. This project was shown to me by Arty Tansit and became quite popular it the paracord community. If you are a paracord or ropework enthusiast, then you will enjoy making this pendant.

To make this you will need a few supplies: Paracord 550, a metal ring and in my case a rope thimble.

The knots used are half hitches and a couple of diamond knots as well at the fairly common overhand knot.

Step 1: Prepare Your Supplies

Step 2: Make an Overhand Knot

Step 3: Make a Series of Half Hitches

Start making hitches as shown in the images.

Step 4: Make Half Hitches on the Other Side

Same process, different side.

Step 5: Make a Lanyard/diamond Knot

This knot is also sometimes called a friendship knot.

Step 6: Insert a Rope Thimble

Insert a rope thimble into the loop to make it look nice and smoother.

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