Introduction: How to Make a Peg Pony

What you need...

Some cardboard (an old cereal box will do)
" Scissors
" Plain white paper
" Pens, textas or paint and brushes to colour-in your horses
" Wooden pegs (we found some smaller ones in a craft shop)
" Wool for the mane and tail, or you can make a cardboard tail and draw in a mane.
" Hole punch
" Glue
" Gooley eyes (available from craft shops) or you can just draw the eyes on.

Step 1: First...

Trace an outline of a horse and stick on a piece of cardboard. Cut carefully around the horse with scissors, this will be your template and you can make as many peg ponies as you like.

Step 2: Then....

Place template on card and trace around, then cut out. Paint or color-in your horse and do the same to his peg legs. Don't forget to draw his hooves in with black pen. Add any extra markings like socks and blazes. Stick on the eyes and attach the legs. Draw a mouth on your horse as well.

Step 3: Mains and Tails...

Using the hole punch, make a hole on the horse's rump and thread some pieces of wool through. When you have the right thickness, tie a piece of wool around the top of the tail to hold in place. For the mane, punch holes in the horse neck and do the same thing. Trim the mane and tail afterward.