Introduction: How to Make a Pitcher of Koolaid.

Its hot out, we need water to cool ourselves and hydrate. Sometimes you want to drink something with unique flavor and class. Whether it be after a hard day of working in the sun or just because it is good.

Also, its only natural i publish this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies

Grab your supplies of...

1 cup of sugar
2 quarts of water (8 cups of water)
2 quart Pitcher or container of your choice
Big spoon
Brita filter (optional)
Cup (optional)
Straw (optional)
Ice (optional)
Need for a good drink (Not optional)
And most importantly

A packet of your favorite type of Koolaid.

Step 2: Getting Started

Pour your sugar into the pitcher, until desired amount of sugar occupies pitcher.

Step 3: Apply Your Drink Mix

After you are done pouring your sugar, take your drink mix packet and tear open the top.

If you tear open the bottom...
1. It will burst into a Flaming Fireball. Or,
2. You will not get all of the drink mix in the pitcher and you will have a pitcher of nastiness.

Step 4: Most Pouring in Instructables History.

Actually, i need clearance from one of the staff to say that.. But, once you are done with pouring your drink mix, Start pouring the water from the Brita pitcher to the Koolaid Pitcher. Or stick the pitcher under the sink for a while to get sand, dirt, bugs, skittles, sound cards, toyotas and back hoe's into your pitcher of deliciousness.

... It will be like fruitcake.

Step 5: Stir It Up..

C'mon and stir it up, oh darlin' stir it up. Well, what Bob Marley said..

This is probably the most important step, if you don't stir it enough it will not taste good, and you will end up with a Really sour, nasty drink. Shaking works too but make sure the seal on the container is good enough by filling it with water and holding it upside down over the sink.

Step 6: Clean Up and Drink!

Rinse off your spoon (if you used one) and put it in the dish drainer. Put a lid on your Container. Add ice to your cup, pour some drink into your cup and Enjoy!