Introduction: How to Make a Portal Costume Out of Trash and in One Day.

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Let me set the scene: It's the night before Halloween, I had no ideas, I didn't want to be Daft Punk for the third year in a row (as cool as the costume was, I feel like I needed something else) but what? A zombie nurse? Nah, I've done that a million times too, a regular nurse? Nah, that's not spoopy enough for me. But...what?
Oh hey! Let's be Chell from portal!! But, wait, I only have one night to make this costume? And I HAVE to have a portal gun with it...I can't buy one online? I'm not paying the overnight shipping for that...What can I do?
Oh wait, here's a bunch of trash laying around, and I have hot glue! This could work!

So, I made a haphazard Chell costume (on top of making my boyfriend a haphazard, last-minute Half-Life costume), I don't have a ton of photos, but I am going to attempt to explain how I did everything as best as I can, Basically I gathered up the supplies for the gun, googled a picture of the portal gun, and got to work. Hopefully this inspires you to make a cool test subject costume!
P.S. If anyone figures out how to make this trash gun actually shoot out real portals, let me know? Maybe I can replace the glowstick with some plutonium, and see where that takes me...I've got science to do!

Step 1: Let's Start With the Easy Part, the Costume!

So, for the costume I complied these things together:
A white tank top, that I added stickers to for the logo.
Yoga pants
An Orange jumpsuit, which apparently are hard to come by, unless you are a crappy criminal that got caught! I just bought some cheap broadcloth fabric and laid out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on top, traced it, and cut, I attached the sleeves separately, and sewed a zipper on, and did some quick and dirty hems around the neck and wrists, I didn't bother with the legs, because you don't see them. In retrospect, I would've added some pockets for holding my things.
Boots, preferably white, but these are all I had. I also cut two thick strips of foam, the same stuff I used to construct my boyfriends costume, and glued those onto the back of the boots to replicate Chell's cool space-shoes.
A white sweatband/white hand wraps/something white to wrap around your wrist.
A pony-tail holder, for your hair, of course.
And that's basically it for her outfit.
Now on to my portal gun made of trash!

Step 2: Introducing, the Trash Gun: a Portal Gun, Made Out of Trash and Things Found Around the House.

Yes, this gun is literally made out of trash, It's crude and quick and nasty, but easy enough to make.
A breakdown of the items used:

Lid to a Cd case (The round, tall ones, that blank cd's come in.)

(Here is a link to a photo of the cd case I'm talking about, in case I'm not explaining this well enough)

A blue or orange glowstick of your choice.

Loads of electrical tape, white and black.

The handles from plastic kitchen knives (That is what the grabby things on the ends are made of.)
An easter basket (The round plastic ones)
Craft foam

A Red solo cup.....that I did not fill up.....

Lots of hot glue

And the aperture stickers I happened to have, they came with stickers from a phone case I had of a turret. But you could draw them on too!

Oh yeah, a good show to binge watch and some Halloween candy that is supposed to be for the trick or treaters also helps.

Step 3: In Retrospect...

I decided that making a costume the night before Halloween probably isn't the best route to go, when you want to be something cool, but, I managed to pull it off, and am overall very pleased with it, And, since I posted this after Halloween this year, you can copy me, and make one too, but can make it ten times cooler than mine, beacause you have an entire YEAR! To make this! (Unless of course you have been trapped in a lab for a year, and only just now escaped and it's now the night before Halloween 2016!

Anywho, I hope you enjoy, I have to go now, I have a staff meeting, and was told there would be cake.

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