Introduction: How to Make a Prank Box

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The prank box is a box that will surprise the unsuspecting victim, uh, i mean person.

please read through the whole instructable before constructing the prank box.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you will need:
Wire (any gauge is fine, but generally the thinner the better)
2x Paperclips or something like paperclips (they need to be able to conduct a current and stay in the position they are bent in)
9v battery
9v battery clip
Plastic soda bottle
Toilet paper tube (JUST the tube, you don't need the TP for this project)
Knife or something that will cut
Tape (I used masking tape)
Soldering Iron/Solder  OR springs that clamp instead of pushing OR something else that can be used to secure two wires together so that they still conduct current
Nuts and bolts OR something to secure the components
And, of course, a cardboard box (or some other box you have laying around the house that you can sacrifice)

Step 2: Understanding the Prank Box

Basically, the prank box is a noisemaker. What happens is when the unsuspecting target opens it they get a blast of noise =)

It is also a simple circuit and easy to construct.

Step 3: Building the Circuit

As stated before, the circuit is simple.
Basically what it is, is a battery attached to a switch and motor.
So you're going to want to bend your paperclips like the pictures below, these will serve as the switch.
Next, Solder/clamp a wire onto each of paperclip pieces.
Then connect one onto the motor and secure that.
After that connect the other lead that you connected to the switch to one of the leads on the battery clip
Now you want to connect the other lead of the battery clip to the open lead on the motor.
And you have finished the circuitry
Turn it on just to make sure it works, then disconnect the motor and set the rest aside for later

Step 4: Building the Noisemaker

First you take the soda bottle and cut the top off (refer to the picture)
Then fit your motor in to see where the shaft is going to be, then you can take it out again
Now cut indentations in the plastic according to the reference with the motor
Then bend those indentations inward
Then put your motor in and secure it
Now put a piece of tape on the shaft so that it will hit the indentations
Now tape the toilet paper tube to the bottom of this
And that is the noisemaker part

Step 5: Some Last Connections and You Are Good to Go

Connect the motor back into the circuit
Then fasten the switch pieces like the picture
Fasten the loose items to the sides and bottom of the box and you are good to go-This is where you can use the nuts and bolts
Now you can have fun with this box
You can give it to a sibling or friend as a gift and watch their startled expressions when they open it.
You can leave it in the middle of the room and hide behind something and then watch someone open it.
The possibilities are endless, but if you think of a good use for it please leave a comment below

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