Introduction: How to Make a Rose Beaded Necklace

I love making jewelry with my mom. The other day, we were watching T.V and we saw an adorable necklace with a rose pinned on it. It gave us an idea to create one that is much cheaper and funner.
Roses are so hard to make though! I tried my best to explain, but it takes practice to make it just the way you like it.
Remember, you can choose any color you want! You can even add more necklaces to it if you like:]

Step 1: Materials

For this particular project, you would need : -One yard of 1.5 in. ribbon (the thicker the ribbon, the bigger the rose.) - Stringing Elastic Cord or any necklace stringing, -Beads,pearls etc.
- Scissors, - Needle and thread,- Measuring tape,  -Pins (optional), -Super/hot glue (optional).

Step 2: Starting Your Rose

To start your rose, take one end of the ribbon, and fold it down (to the left) so it forms a right triangle.Then take the the tip and fold it halfway up your first fold, roll until there's about 1 cm of the first fold left. Fold it back and roll once so its secure.
**Tip: If you lightly glue your first two folds, it won't unravel on you later on!

Step 3: Making the Petals

Once you finish your rose tip, pinch the middle section of your ribbon ( on the inside about 1 cm away from the tip), twist it and turn the tip. Now you can see there's a small fold on your ribbon. Take the bottom part, twist and turn it around your rose tip. Repeat this step until the rose reach your desire size.
**Tip: While making the petals, I like to pin it together as I go along and wrap the ribbon around and around so my petals won't be loose and fall out.

Step 4: Finishing the Rose

Snip off the excess ribbon leaving about 1 inch left. On the back of the rose, you would see a rolled up tip. Take the excess ribbon and wrap it around that tip to make it secure. Take your needle and thread and sew that tip up so all the petals stay together.

Step 5: Making the Necklace

Take your measuring tape and measure around your neck to your desire length for your necklace. I did mine about four inches below my collar bone. Cut your necklace string to that length but add an extra inch for tying later. String your beads in.

Step 6: Finishing Your Necklace

When your done beading, tie the two ends together ( double knotting). Snip off the access and if you can, super glue that knot for safety.

Step 7: Putting It All Togther

Wear your necklace and take the bottom left and twist to create a loop. Hot glue your rose on and your done!
**Tips: You can add another smaller loop and add a small rose there. OR you don't have to make a loop at all! Just connect the rose to any bead! Remember, you can add more necklaces to it!

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