How to Make a Self Portrait on Roblox

Introduction: How to Make a Self Portrait on Roblox

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This will show you how to make a self portrait on roblox.

Step 1: Opening Roblox

Go to your web browser and open

Step 2: Going to Play in Build Mod

Go to home,then click developer and click the game you want to build in

Step 3: Going to "build" Your Portrait

Go to the game you want you picture to be and click build.

Step 4: Inserting the Picture

go to your block inserter or click 1,and then select a block and make a tower of 2 block high.

Step 5: Putting Your Picture

Then go again in your block inserter and click "configuratable parts"  then select portrait.Place it on the higher block.

Step 6: Changing the Picture of Builderman to Yours

now click "7" or click it then look at the picture.CLICK THE BLUE THING!

Step 7: Typing Your Username

click on "player name" and type your user.It might not do it instintly but after it will.Now this is what is should look like.

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