Introduction: How to Make a Simple House on Sketchup.

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I will upload my simple house on the warehouse and give the link. This is the base for a house, not the inside of the house. I will do interior of the house in a different one. I do use the warehouse for harder things, like advanced TVs, Furnishings, and Bathrooms, but I make just about everything else. I will say when I don;t make something

Step 1: Your Base

First, make a square using the square tool. Then, type 24', 36' . Don't put the period in. This is for a smaller house, it means 24 feet by 36 feet. The size doesn't matter, but I use this as a good base. Next, make out the walls. Make a smaller square inside the first one, and make it 33', by 21'.

Step 2: Making Doors

There is 1 way to make a door. This is the easiest way.
Picture 1
First, take your square that was made, and then use the square tool to make a smaller square when you want the door. If this sentence seems akward, there is a picture for your help. Next, Raise the larger portion of the section to ten feet , while keeping the space for door at no elevation.
Picture 2.
Next, get it at an angle as you see in picture two. Find a space where you can see all four corners that are above the doorway. (Highlighted in Red)
Picture 3
Get a square that connects all four, and pull it closer to the ground. Next, if you want it wider or thinner ,  get it in the angle of picture 3.
Picture 4
Get the four way arrow tool, click the red line (according to the picture) select the line you want to move, and move it in or out. Note: If your door was already made, you have to do this with the interior line and the exterior line.

Afterward, get a door from the 3D warehouse to go over it, or just leave it open. If the door from Warehouse doesn't fit, select it by right clicking, go to tools, and click scale. Use the corners to make it larger or smaller, wider or thinner.

Step 3: The Roof!

Finally! The roof is the finishing touch on your house. Check out another instructable for interior stuff. I will make that soon. Put all your interior items in before you put the roof on your totally cool house. Ok, Let's get to it.
Step 1.
Get your house in the angle of picture 1.
Step 2.
Draw a triangle on top of the side facing you. If the point isn't in the center, move it using the move tool
Step 3.
Get the house at the angle seen in pic 3, and pull the triangle out with the push/pull tool. Pull it to the other side of your house.
Optional Step 4.
Get an above view of your house. Find the two end points of the triangle, as in step 2. Pull them in using the move tool to get slanted sides, or even a pyramid. Have fun with it!

Step 4: The End.

Your finished house should look like a stereotypical suburban 1 floor home. Good luck with it!