Introduction: How to Make a Travel Sized Drawing Kit

I got this idea from another person, and decided to make it SMALLER! So this is a really fun project to make, easy, and you can take it anywhere, on a road trip, on plane, train ANYWHERE! If you find this idea fun, please favorite it or add it to your collection!! Have fun!


1 Nintendo DS case


Ziploc plastic bag, snack size or any other bag brand but SNACK SIZE

Tape or glue



Auto-Adhesive Velcro

Two small rubber bands, about 1 inch long

Step 1: Empty Nintendo DS Case

Take out EVERYTHING out of your Nintendo DS case, all papers and even plastic cover.

Step 2: Make Cover for Kit

Place your case at an end of a pice of white paper and trace it's shape on the side facing left, like the picture above.

Using the scissors, cut along the lines that you have drawn. It should turn out like a rectangle, and you may want to cut 1 cm off one side so it can fit, off the short side. Try to fit it in the plastic of the case. Once finished wit that, you can customize it however you want, or leave it to the end.

Step 3: Folding!

Take another piece of paper.


Now you should have a skinny rectangle


Step 4: Cutting!

First cut where you folded it into hamburger style.

Now you have two folded papers, which used to be the skinny rectangle.

Now pay attention to this part, it might get tricky.

Cut the fold from both folded papers, in between.

You are left with 4 papers.

Step 5: Almost Done Cutting!

Cut 1.1 inches off the end of each paper.

The strips of paper that you cut off can be thrown away, they aren't necessary or needed.

Step 6: Put It Inside!

simply put the paper inside the case, the left side, under the tabs.

Step 7: Measure and Cut!

Important step is to measure the bag compared to the case size. Cut it, preferably 4 inches long, and throw away the left over scraps of the bag.

Step 8: Tape!

Take a strip of tape and place half of it on the side of the bag that you cut. Bend the other half behind the cut side and push on it tightly, so air bubbles don't form. Take two pieces of tape and tape the bag to the right side of the case, like above.

Step 9: Rubber Bands for Additional Pencil

ONLY DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ADD A PEN/PENCIL Attach a rubber band to the upper hooks, where you put a game boy cartridge to the hook at the end of the box. Next, add another rubber band below, hook it to the hook where you put a DS game in, to also the other hook at the end of the box. Use the images above for help.

Step 10: Done!

now you have finished your drawing kit! Hope you have fun on the road! If you found this instructable helpful or a great idea, please favorite!