Introduction: How to Make a Tree Shelf

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from scrap wood

Step 1: Preparing the Wood

I used an old beam

I cut the length and width

and planed it with a planer.

(But you can also use new wood from a store)

Step 2: Mark the Joints

All the joints are half lap joints.

Attach a branch to the stem and make pencil lines on the branch and on the stem to indicate the cuts.

It is fine to make the half lap joint only on one piece (stem or branch).

Step 3: Cuting and Chiseling

Position a hand saw rail on the line and make a first cut (half depth)

Make the second cut on the second line

Then make many cuts between these two lines.

Remove the wood between the cut lines with a hammer and finish up with a chisel

Step 4: Repeat for All Branches

Make as many branches as you wish

Step 5: Drill Holes

Drill through the half lap joints.

Step 6: Cutting the Branches

Mark the end of the branches these should be cut at a right angle to the stem.

(Working on the floor is helpful.)

Step 7: Attaching

Finally screw the branches to the stem

Step 8: Assembling and Painting

Screw your shelf boards onto the bottom and/or the top of each branch.

(You can use any wood you have around. Paint it if you wish.)

Step 9: Mounting

Screw it onto the wall.

Refer to the video footage.

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