Introduction: How to Make a Trilobite Bracelet

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a trilobite bracelet. Also known as the ladder rack bracelet, it is one of the most common bracelets made out of paracord. It is distinguished by a three column look and is a great base for lacing, stitching and other modifications. It looks great as it is, but decorating it also has its benefits.

The trilobite bracelet (as named by J.D.Lenzen) can be made in one or more colors. I also feature this bracelet in my book.

Now, let's get to making one!

The extended version of this tutorial, as well as other paracord projects can be found at Paracord guild, my website.

To make the bracelet you will need paracord 550, scissors and a lighter. Optionally you may consider a bracelet buckle or a shackle to make your bracelet look a bit more professional. I usually finish these bracelets using the lanyard knot (also known as the diamond or friendship knot).

The bracelet is made using a simple weaving technique. The hardest part is grasping how to set up the bracelet at the beginning, then it is just a simple process of weaving.