Introduction: How to Make a Tripod for Iphone – Easy !

I came up with this easy to make iphone tripod when I was looking for a way to film short videos of my wire crochet work in action . I learned that my customers loved watching my jewelry making work process, and wanted to facilitate the process so I can film more, time is always short …

It's true that I could always ask someone to hold the iphone for me for a few seconds, a "human iphone tripod" , but I wanted something more in hand , and stable , or in other words an iphone tripod.... and I wanted it NOW, so I just had to make one.

This is where the industrial designer in me comes to the rescue, not because this iphone tripod design is so complicated and require any true design skills , but simply because as a student we used to work a lot with foam boards . They make a great construction material , easy to cut and the results are firm. These days I mostly have foam boards in the studio because I use them as reflectors when I take photos for my wire crochet jewelry and wire crochet DIY kits, if you are curious to see them just click the links.

Step 1: Sourcing the Required Materials to Make the Iphone Tripod

So ,lets get started,

To make an iphone tripod you would require the following :

- Foam board ( 0.19" thick or 0.5cm) total size :9.5" by 23" or 24cm / 60cm ,

- Cutting board

- Utility knife

- Glue gun

- Pencil

- Marker (optional)

That’s it…. I'll be giving you the dimensions I came up with but you can of course adjust it according your needs, For example you may decide you want to make tripod higher . my wire crochet jewelry making is small and delicate , so I film it from a close distance .

Step 2: Draw the Iphone Tripod Plan

Mark with a pencil and ruler the following elements on your board :

2 stripes of : 14" by 3.2" or 36cm by 8cm

1 stripe of: 23" by 3.2" or 60cm by 8cm

2 triangles: 3.2" by 3.2" or 8cm by 8cm

On the long stripe mark a window in the size of 3.2" by 1.7" or 8cm by 4.5cm at the center

Step 3: Cut the Draw Plan

Using the utility knife, cut the foam board along the draw plan that you made.

Step 4: Glue the Tripod Triangles

Glue the 2 triangles at both ends of the long stripes

Step 5: Glue the 2 Side Stripes

Glue to the triangles at both ends to the 2 shorter stripes ,

make sure to put glue both on the triangle edge and the end of the long stripe.

and your done !!!

you have an easy to store and easy to use iphone tripod ! not to mention easy to make ;-)

You can now easily film videos with your iphone tripod or of course any other smart phone.

If you use a remote app you can also take photos of your own hands at work.

Step 6: An Example..

all the "at work" photos taken for this instructable were taken with my iphone tripod,

here is also an example of a video I took with it,

Visit my wire crochet blog to see the results ;-)

email me with any questions ! Im email friendly !