Introduction: How to Make an Instructable (newcomers Guide)

About: Hello! . My name is Rafay and i live in Pakistan.I am a kid 13 years old.I like to make new gadgets.I spent many time on my DIY projects.

Hello and welcome to my instructable . In this i will show you How to make an Instructable ( Full Guide).It is very easy and i hope you like It .

What Wikipedia Says About instructables

After graduating from the Media Lab at MIT, Wilhelm and Griffith founded Squid Labs,
an engineering and technology company specializing in design and consulting. Instructables started as an internal Squid Labs project, which later spun out as an independent company with Wilhelm as its CEO. Wilhelm still regularly contributes to the site.

A prototype version of the site, complete with the initial content of electronics, cooking, kiting, and bicycle projects, was released in August 2005 at the O'Reilly Foo Camp conference.

The original content focused mostly on such projects as building electronic or mechanical devices to solve common problems around the home. The scope of the project has expanded to include a larger array of categories, including Food, Living, Outside, Tech, Play and Workshop. Sponsored categories are sometimes added for companies to advertise a specific topic on the site.

The site allows uploading of photos, diagrams, video and animation to help explain complex terminology and mechanisms in clear and understandable terms.

Instructables employs a full-time staff, and also has a volunteer group, who feature well-documented articles, welcome new users, and help out around the site.

On August 1, 2011, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Instructables.

Autodesk released the official instructables app for iOS devices on January 11, 2013. The app allows users to create and publish instructables from their mobile devices as well as view other instructables. Later on, a similar app was released for Android devices and Windows devices.

Step 1: Starting

First of all open instructables website :web link

Step 2:

Click on ''Share what you make''

Step 3:

click on new instructable.

Step 4:

enter your Project name

Step 5:

choose channel and category of your instructable.

Step 6:

Add the intro picture of your instructable.

Step 7:

add more pics of your project step by step.

Step 8:

click on publish.

Step 9:

a new page will open . Enter keywords of your instructable for example: Car,Arduino, and press enter

Step 10:

scroll down the page and choose a contest to participate if you want.

Step 11:

Click on Publish my instructable.

Step 12:

Your instructable is ready .Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Please vote me in the contest.

Good luck.

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