Diy 2wd Off Road Mini Electric Car

Introduction: Diy 2wd Off Road Mini Electric Car

About: Hello! . My name is Rafay and i live in Pakistan.I am a kid 13 years old.I like to make new gadgets.I spent many time on my DIY projects.

Hello and welcome to my another instructable . In this instructable I will tell you how to make a :
Electric offroad mini car . I hope you like my instructable and do not forget to vote me please

Step 1: Things Needed

Tape.scissor.switch.front wheels with iron shaft .gear box.battery pack .small piece of pipe

Step 2:

Tape the gear box to a piece of plastic .

Step 3:

Tape the small piece of straw in front of plastic .

Step 4:

Put the iron shaft in the piece of straw

Step 5: Wiring

Wire up all the stuff as shown in the above pic

Step 6:

Attach the front wheels to the iron shaft .

Step 7:

Put all the stuff on the piece of plastic

Step 8: Please Vote Me in the Contest If You Like This .

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