How to Make an Every Day (bike) Carrier Fast, Cheap and Easy for Your Gps, Smartphone, Mp3 Player, Powerpack And/or Other Stuff....




Introduction: How to Make an Every Day (bike) Carrier Fast, Cheap and Easy for Your Gps, Smartphone, Mp3 Player, Powerpack And/or Other Stuff....

Riding a bike is healthy and fun.
Sometimes, however, I wish I had more space on my handlebar to attach my every day needs.
After some experimenting I found an easy way to create extra mount possibilities.

Step 1: What You Need..

a piece of strong foam or similar material (isolation foam, plywood...)
a sharp knife or sissors (be carefull..)
a degreaser (in my case: hand disinfecting gel)...
a ruler - preferably a metal one...
duct tape and velcro
some tie wraps (optional..)
a bike (elementary) and
some time and effort...

Step 2: Preparation..

One could also use a piece of wood or some kind of light metal. I happened to have a piece of 20 mm isolation foam, used in building brick walls. It proved to be strong and flexible as well.
A surplus advantage consists in the fact that it will never rot (outdoor use) and that it absorbes vibrations and shocks very well. We 'r going to attach electronic stuff, so that's important.

1. Cut a piece of foam that more or less fits the desired form. Try it out first before you proceed.
Let it touch the handlebar on multiple points for stability.

2. Use the ruler to cut the preferred lenght and with.

3. Working with straight angles is a allways a good idea.

Step 3: Tape It..

1. and 2. Tape the form with duct tape or any other weatherproof material. Make sure the whole surface is covered. Taping makes it stronger, neater and eases the possibility to attach the velcro.

3. Tape it in a manner or color you prefer, this is my result so far.

Step 4: Velcro..

Tie wraps are a quick way to fasten objects, but I chose to use velcro. This way the carrier is attached and removed with ease. One could even use it on another bike, if so desired.

1. Velcro strip on the handlebar for extra stability.

2. A strip of yellow velcro I stumbled upon. Proved to come in handy.

3. Cut through. Be carefull !

4. Don't be afraid to use some force to pull the strip through the carrier. Do a dry run first and try it out. Orientation is important to make it work.

5. and 6. Attach the carrier - view from above and under. Fasten it with the yellow strip underneath the handlebar. Try to move it, you should be comfortable with the way it feels, otherwise fasten it some more. The carrier is flexible so it can take it.

We 're allmost there.

Step 5: Allmost Done..

Final stage.

1. I put some extra tape over the yellow velcro strip to secure it to the carrier and to be able to attach velcro over it.

2. Using the degreaser, clean the surface before attaching the velcro. It 'll stick much better!

3. Velcro ready rough side up.
Let it rest overnight for durability.
I use the rough side up on the carrier and handlebar, so I can use the velcro soft side up on my equipement. It's more comfortabel to put things back in your pocket that way.

Step 6: Results..

Applications... (the reason why I built it..)

1. Smartphone, power pack, mp3 player.... Just to demonstrate the possibilities. I usually put only my smartphone on the carrier (I don't hear it ring sitting in my pocket sometimes) or my gps (for various reasons).

2. Even tried my tablet... No problem.

3. Charging my light .. (got to get a solar panel soon)..
and keeping track of my gloves.

4. I'm sure you can think of some more applications..

Of course one has to attach velcro to every object one wants to carry this way, but I presume that speaks for itself.

Have fun and stay safe!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No, I don't need 'm all at once.
    The power pack is for emergencies, the gps is while geocaching.
    I only use the mp3 player while commuting. My phone usually is attached, it depends. I can switch to another device if needed.
    I only wanted to show the possibilities of the carrier hoping people could come up with their own applications.
    I intend to try carrying solar cells in the future, but that's another story.
    I have the same device on another bike, but smaller, the size of my phone. I mostly use a street map (yes a paper one!) then to follow predefined roads... Like I said: it all depends what you need at that time.
    Keep thinking and happy instructables.. :-)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction


    just be carefull while driving in case of accidents i bet u dont wanna loose all of them at once


    Reply 8 years ago

    Seemed to have missed this comment, sorry.
    In case of an accident one could lose the items indeed. On the other hand, I fell the other day and damaged not only my pride, but my glasses in my jersey pocket as well. Point is that you never can tell...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I had similar idea previous evening. I sticked the soft side of velcro on the top of overhead headphones, and the "hook" side on bottom of shelf. Now my headphones hanging on bottom side of shelf and saving space - also it looks stangely nice. It was just some velcor piece laying arround and I saw those headphones, so its alive! :)


    Reply 8 years ago

    Yes, it's amazing what you can do with velcro and a little imagination.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting concept, and it can definately see the value of attaching a solar panel to charge your GPS unit you have mounted to the handlebars. (assuming it is rechargable instead of using "throw away" alkaline batteries)

    While your construction looks good and solid the aestetics of it seem a bit cluttered to me IMHO.

    Wouldn't your assorted electronics be safer in a pocket or satchel while traveling?

    Riding trails this may be fine, but if you are in a more Urban area you are just leaving yourself wide open to having some or all of your toy snatched.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You are absolutely right concerning the aesthetics. One does not have to throw every gadget on it at the same time. Think of it as a kind of demonstration of the possibilities.

    The point of having the electronics in your view, in stead of in your pocket, depends on the use you want to make of them at that time. I had personal needs, so I developed a personal solution. I still think of it as a good idea.

    I'm fully aware concerning urban situations. I made the carrier easy to (dis)mount if need be, but you have a good point there.

    In any case: thx for the comment :-)