Introduction: How to Make and Play Paper Crushgear

A paper crush gear is a simple origami that you can play with your friends. The crush gear is originally a type of mini bumper toy car played by children and is also a TV show from the anime Crush Gear Turbo. So today I am going to teach you how to make and play paper crush gear origami. Paper crush gear is an origami toy to determine who makes the best and strongest crush gear by flicking their crush gear at each other until it flips over.

Step 1: Fold the Paper in Half Vertically.

Get any piece of paper (not a damaged one) and fold the paper vertical ways. You ask me how long should the paper be, it does not matter.

Step 2: Waterbomb Base Folding

Then, fold down one corner, unfold and repeat the opposite side. Repeat to the other end. (See picture)

Step 3: Triangle Folding

Fold the top triangle so that they meet in the middle. Do it at only one end.

Step 4: Side Folding

Fold the sides going to the center. (See picture)

Step 5: Seal Fold

Get the end with a large triangle then tuck it to the other end. (See picture)

Step 6: Final Fold

Fold the butt of the crush gear as a bumper as shown on the picture.

Step 7: "Upgrades" and Decoration

You may add some upgrades to let your crush gear more durable or to make it pretty or look cool. Be creative.

Step 8: Rules for Game

The location of where you should play is a high surface like a table.The rules are simple, try to hit other peoples' crush gear by flicking the bumper/butt of the crush gear until they flip over, then they are dead. The player count is that it does not matter how many people plays with you.I hope you enjoyed folding this origami because when you don't have wifi or technology or any toys to play with, you could fold some origami to make it as a crush gear and play with your friends. Feel free to comment regarding my instructable. Thank you for reading!