Introduction: How to Make Charcloth

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BURNING THINGS CAN BE CONSTRUCTIVE NOW! And it will help you burn more things later! And you know maybe save your life. (P.S. this is my first instructable so please by all means give me some feedback!)

Step 1: Materials

-any type of metal tin with a hole punched in the top ( I used an altiods tin)
-100 percent cotton (I used some old torn up jeans but you can use anything that's cotton including cottonballs)

Step 2: The Cloth

Cut the cloth into approx the same size as the container (it will shrink alot), and stack them inside the container.

Step 3: The Fire Part!

Put the container with the cloth into the fire and wait until the hole on the top starts to expel flames.

Once the flames stop and the hole is expelling smoke instead, take it out and wait for it to cool of enough so that you won't burn yourself.

Then cover it with tin foil so that nothing can escape.

Step 4: No More Fire...

After the containers is completely cool open it up and you should have a couple of pieces of char cloth.

Step 5: Uses

Charcloth is used as the ember to start a tinder bundle. Its extremely heat sensitive so you can turn it into an ember really easily. I personally always keep a little bit in my wallet because unlike matches or lighters I can bring this to school with me (I don't mean you should start fires at school I'm saying that unlike lighters or matches if you have them with you you won't get in trouble, so it's good for EDC). It also makes it really easy to start fires with my glasses.
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