Introduction: How to Make Egg Drop Soup. Yummeh!

This instructable will show you how to make delicious egg drop soup in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Ingredients

Invade your kitchen and obtain:

-2-4 Eggs(depends on how much egg you want in it)
-3 cans chicken broth(14.5 oz) or 4 cups of water and the amount of chicken bouillon needed for 4 cups
-A medium-sized pot
-Garlic Powder

Step 2: Start Cookin'!

1)If you have the canned broth, pour it into the pot. If you have the bouillon, pour the water in and then dissolve bouillon into it.

2)Whisk them eggs into oblivion! Or at least into a liquid state.

3)Turn the heat up on that chicken broth. It needs to start boiling. Now would be the time to add the spices. Give it a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, and 2 dashes of garlic powder.
{!}Be careful when dealing with boiling liquids, they're hot!

4)Once the broth's boiling, stir it around and around, then start pouring the eggs in. Pour it fast if you want large chunks, slowly if you prefer little slivers of egg.

5)Let boil until egg is cooked completely(this should be pretty intantanious).

Step 3: Serve It Up!

If you've followed the amounts as I have given them, it should be able to feed 4 people 1 bowl each. Get a ladle and pour the stuff into bowls. Get a spoon, put it in the soup, pull it up, insert into mouth, close mouth, and finally, enjoy!