Introduction: How to Make Fireflies Jar

WARNING: this is not for you if you are affraid of dark!
Just kidding :)

When I found my glow in dark paint (on my messy desk) I thought of summer nights and catching fireflies so I made this instructable.

Question responses:
1.What did you make?
I've made a glow in dark dotted jar.
2.How did you make it?
I took a little piece of glow in dark paint with a brush and dotted a jar.
I thought of how my friends and I used to collect fireflies in jars.
3.Where did you make it?
I've made this at home,alone,during my spring break.
4.What did you learn?
The biggest challange was to make the room compleatly dark and I just couldn't make round dots.
If I had to do the same again I would definately 'charge' paint with solar energy before painting,it would be a lot easier.

Ok,things you will need:-jar
                                     -glow in dark paint
                                     -sun or artificial light

Step 1:

'Charge' your paint by puting it under the sun or lamp(in my case).

Step 2:

Squeeze a bit paint and take your brush.

Step 3:

Put small dots of paint on the inside of the jar.

Step 4:

For a full effect you should put the jar under a lamp and when it's recharged put it in the dark.

Good luck!

Happy Easter!

Sorry for bad quality pictures and my bad english.
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