Introduction: How to Make Green Caviar


Hello my dear friends! In today's video I'm going to show you how to make green caviar. First, we need one pack of jelly, I picked kiwi flavored jelly, so I'll get green caviar. If you don't like kiwi, you may choose any other jelly with any flavor. For example, strawberry, pineapple, etc. The color of caviar will be also different. We take a syringe for 20 ml, sunflower oil, 300 ml of tap water, and any vessel. First, pour sunflower oil into a glass and put in freezer for about 30 minutes. Let's male jelly, while oil is freezing. One pack is rated at 400 ml of boiled water, but we are going to use just 300 ml to make caviar more flavored. Add the contents of the pack into the boiled water, and mix till dissolving. Let's move to the most interesting part, fill the syringe with jelly syrup, and drop it little by little into frozen oil. Due to the temperature difference we get such beautiful spawns.

Do you know?

The biggest water melon flavored jelly in the world of 35 thousand liters cost 14 thousand dollars.

It was exposed on 5th of February 1981 at Roma Street Forum, Australia.

Step 1: You May Prepare Caviar of Any Color at Home, As We Are Going to Use Colored Jelly With the Flavor You Like Best of All.

Step 2: We Need Only One Jelly Pack, a Syringe and Sunflower Oil for Making Colored Caviar.

Step 3: If You Want to Store Colored Caviar, Do Not Drain It Off and Cover It With Cling Film. Hand Made Caviar May Store This Way for About a Week. Make Sweet Colored Caviar at Home!

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