Introduction: How to Make Homemade Bath Salts!

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Step 1: What You Need:

- Epsom salts (you can find them at your local supermarket or drugstore)

- Coloring of your choice ( i use food coloring and that works well plus it doesn't stain your bath )

- Olive oil ( this revitalizes your skin and moisturizes too )

- A mixing bowl

- A spoon/fork

- Somewhere to put your salts in ( A jar looks good or a plastic bag is easy )

- A scent to make your salts smell nice ( vanilla essence, coconut oil, peppermint oil, fragrance oil, anything you like)

Step 2: Firstly...

1. Put about three quarters of a cup of epsom salts into your mixing bowl. (you can decide how much you want to make, it is up to you)

Step 3: Secondly...

2. Put about a tablespoon full of olive oil in your salts. This does depend on how many salts you are going to make though.

Step 4: Next...

3. Put your desired amount of scent in. About a teaspoon or two is fine, again it depends on how many salts you are making. Sometimes less is better because it can be overpowering. I like using vanilla essence. (mine turns out smelling slightly like marshmallows :) )

Step 5: Then...

4. Now it is time to do your coloring. Add a few drops to your salts. Lighter colours mean less chance of staining your bath but if you want dark, it is entirely up to you! Separating your salts before you colour, and then have different colours is cool because at the end you can layer them and that looks awesome! :)

Step 6: Now...

5. Mixing time! OK so get your spoon or fork ( although spoon is easier ) and mix in all your scents, oil and coloring!!!

Step 7: After That...

6. Waiting! That's right, unfortunately you have to wait 24 hours for the oils and colour to soak in and really come together. You don't have to do this step but for best results, I advise you to! Again, it is your choice!

Step 8: Next...

7. OK next you package your salts. For easiness you can just pour the salts into a plastic snaplock bag or a normal bag. If it is for someone or you just want it to look pretty you can put it into a jar. Layering your colours is a cool effect and looks nice! Tye a ribbon around it or whatever you want! You can recycle old jar and soak the labels off by soaking the jar in warm water and scraping it off. You can also make your own labels!!

Step 9: Done!!!

You have finished!!! Hope you enjoyed it and had fun! These really do work and all you do is run your bath and put your salts just before you get in! Thank you!! :)