Introduction: How to Make Multiples Certificates on Illustrator With Table

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This instructables shows how to make multiples documents on illustrator using table (Excel file).

This documents could be cards, certificates ID, etc.

For this you need just illustrator design and the table with the data.

Step 1: Selectc Data for Your Excel or Similar File

First, your sheet file just need the important data as show in the image.

it’s important to leave the heading on each columns as the variables that it is going to be in illustrator (this will show in the next step).

You have to leave an extra column in the first place because it useful as the name of the variable (in this case is just a simple number (1-10)).

Finally you have to export your file in CSV file.

Step 2: Converting a XML- CSV File

Next step, it creates a xlm file. You need to download this file (this is a script for illustrator) by

After that, you have to open the csv file with "block pad" and copy the text into illustrator file, and you notice that the columns are separate by “;”.

Open file- script – other script (crtl+F12) and lock for the.js file and open it.

Then you can look your variables in windows- variable(show in the figure) that you have the data in name variable.

Finally, You have to save the library of variable.

Step 3: Assignment Dynamic Variable of Your Design

Then open your document that you like to create multiples files, and open the windows of variable(see previous step)

You have to check you text and make it dynamic text.

Load the library variable that you recently save, and click the variable and change the name of variable.

You notice that you have all name in that variable.

Step 4: Make Automatic Multiple Files (part 1)

In order to have an automatic files. You can use tools from illustrator.

First you need to find action windows, that is located in Windows- action

After that you need to create your your action, so you need to use the record button.

Start making your steps, in this case we are going to save in a pdf type the certificate.

For this step we set file and save as copy.Then select PDF file and save it.

Finally we push the stop button, and the action is create.

Step 5: Make Automatic Multiple Files (part 2)

After, in the action windows. We select the last option for make multiple files, after that select amount of data and ok.

then Illustrator should create the entire files, the time of do this depend of the speed of your computer.

That's all !!

enjoy it.