How to Make Plasticine Sweat Treats




Introduction: How to Make Plasticine Sweat Treats

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In this instructable you will learn how to make easy plasticine sweat treats!

Warning: do not eat the plasticine!

What you will need:
. Different coloured plasticine or clay
. Tools ( toothpicks,butter knife,etc.)

Step 1: Making the Oreo

First take a bit of white plasticine/clay and roll it into a round ball, then squash it till it's approximately 2mm thick and approximately 1cm wide. Then do the same thing but with 2 bits of black or brown coloured plasticine/clay, and then arrange the circles of plasticine/clay how an Oreo looks. (how an Oreo looks is with the White plasticine in the middle and the black or brown pieces on each side of the white piece of plasticine).

Step 2: Making a Basic Wedding Cake

First, take some white plasticine/clay and shape it into approximately 1cm and a bit thick ball, the do that 3 times each time getting smaller and smaller. Then shape the 3 balls into the shape of real cake using the tools!
Then after that you can add some little decorations such as flowers,leaves,hearts,etc.(optional)

THEN YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Making the The Biscuit

First take a little bit of white plasticine/clay and squish it till it's approximately 2mm thick.
Then if you want you can add small pieces of different coloured plasticine/clay to look like it's got Smarties on it or it's a choc chip cookie

THEN IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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