Introduction: How to Make Simple Scallion Pancakes!

So I had some pancake batter leftover from my last instructable Fried Squash Blossoms. Instead of throwing it away I decided to make some tasty treats for my kids to go with their Fried Squash blossoms that morning. They absolutely loved them. So hopefully you can make these delicious treats and take part in all the enjoyment my kids were able to have.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

This instructable is super simple. The two main ingredient are scallions and pancake batter.

Scallions: I had these in my garden and they are simple to grow if you are interested in growing or adding a new herb to your already amazing garden. They also should be availible in your local market, if you cant find in a local market see if you can find an asian market .

Pancake batter: I used ready mix pancake batter, just add water. Any pancake mix will do and pancake from scratch might be to much work for me but will taste amazing.

Seasoning: a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Step 2: Preparations

All I had to do is add water to pancake mix. Now that the batter is ready you can slice up the scallions into small rings. Place Scallions into pancake mix. A dash of salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Now we can get on with the next step of cooking.

Step 3: Cooking

In a medium sauce pan heat up some oil. I used canola oil but you can use butter or any oil of your choice. Next Get pan hot over a medium fire.

Using a spoon add pancake batter to the pan. I made cookie sized pancakes. You can make them smaller or bigger to your liking.

You'll see them bubble up just like cooking regular pancakes, and it's time for flipping. I cooked them till golden brown on both sides and not gooey inside.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Usually there is a dipping sauce that goes with this dish but my kids enjoyed just that way it was served. I hope you enjoy.