Introduction: How to Make Small Bottles With a Plastic Pop Bottle and a Can Bottom!

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In this instructables, well be making bottles! Out of bottles, though... Still, if you wan t to make a bunch of around pint sized bottles and you have the time, try this!

Step 1: Get the Materials!

So, now you can beg your mom to get you a:
Bottle of pop(in a plastic bottle)
An aluminium can(It can be beer, energy drinks, or a bottle of that disgusting O 'Douls)
A place where you can ahve a small, controlled flame(build a miniature stove! Easy, portable, and you can burn stuff)
Extra cans
extra bottles
Some fish and chips to eat
Jellied eel to eat

Step 2: Must Slice the Bottle!

I had to reverse engineer this, so there are no pictures for the next few steps. Sorry, and i will add them as soon as possible.
Fir the first step, take a razor, scissors, or whatever you like and cut 2/3ds from the bottom. This length is adjustable, but you can choose whats best.

Step 3: Cut the Can of Pop!

cut the can of pop(or soda, as you americans call it) 1/5th from the bottom so that you will have dilligent space for the next steps. Be very carefu with the aluminium, because it will cut through skin like... aluminium cuts through skin. righty-o. It would also be very smart to wear gloves, or such safety tools, and always maintain a safe workplace. For those of you in cramped bedrooms doing this, good luck.

Step 4: Now, Placement!

Try this out with different combinations of bottles and cans, because you need the bottle to be bigger than the bottom of the can! this is crucial. If it fits, put on some painters tape ar something to hold the bottom in place.

Step 5: Steady....

Now hold the can over the controlled flame, and watch the plastic shrink to the can like shrink wrap. Don't burn yourself, cause it will BURN!

Step 6: Sterilize It!

Now, you can give the can a general boil in a pot or such filled with water, if you haven't done so already. This will kill all of the bacteria inside and outside the can, from your dirty hands.

Step 7: Now You're Done!

Now, take the cautious sip of water from it! Yay! Now fill it with soda and dine like a plastic king!