Introduction: How to Use Wikipedia!

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This will be (the first?) instructable on wikipedia. Much of it is self-explanatory; It is an online encyclopedia that anyone with a computer or web-enabled device can edit. I will explain all of the different parts of Wikipedia as i can manage right now. You can help by commenting on my work, and giving me some of your knowledge.

Step 1: Pick Your Language!! Almost Any Language...

Wikipedia has been translated by a bunch of linguists,and be proud of their work. So far, it would be a good thing to understand English, as it has the most articles for any language.

Step 2: Find Your Article, Word, Person, Thing, Idea..

Give the search button a try! You can find almost anything there; To ardvarks to the zenith, you can find almost everything! and, if you know something that is not in the wikipedia, then please add on your information! It will help the rest of the world greatly, and you will be helping to shape the people's encyclopedia! Also, to note, whenever you notice something wrong in the text, change it! When you are reading the article, you will notice there are buttons with the word edit placed in strategic locations in the article, at the end of each paragraph to be precise. These are here for a reason, to edit that particular paragraph. If you do not have an account, your Internet Protocol address will be noted every time. If you fool around too much, you can get your IP address banned. The get an account or sign in button will be on the waaaay top right corner, and making an account is easy, so do it.

Step 3: It Has Categories?

Yes it does. in the top left column, there will be a link to "Categories." Click that, and you will be transported to a world with ponies and magical beings and candy canes and- Nah, i'll cut the crap. This link transports you to a section of wikipedia where they have categorised everything into 12 sections. Thats right, 12 sections. Don't ask me how they did it, just look at the proof. For this, you can also type in the search bar, "WP:CATS."

Step 4: And, the Random Article.

This is one amazing feature that i always click whenever i go on to Wikipedia: The random article button. This picks, out of 2,832,683 articles (i was in the english one), one article at random. Its like a huge dice, with about 3 million sides, being rolled. Coolio.

Step 5: Extras and Thanks

Now you know all you need to know about Wikipedia, and have a fun and safe learning experience!!

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