Introduction: How to Make White Chocolate Lightning Bolts

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I am in the process of creating a 'storm in a teacup' which will be chocolate mousse and a surprise topping, but I wanted something to top it off, so I have made some white chocolate lightning bolts. They're really easy and it makes me want to experiment more with chocolate (like I need an excuse.....). I will shortly be putting up the chocolate mousse and topping recipe and showing you the final product.

Step 1: You Will Need

Ingredients: White chocolate, edible shimmer spray (optional)   Tools: Disposable piping bag, microwave, cookie sheet/tray, scissors, greaseproof/baking paper, pencil (optional)

Step 2: Method

Firstly, line your cookie sheet or tray with some greaseproof paper. If you are not very confident with making a freehand lightning bolt (which I wasn't!), grab a pencil, find an example online and draw some outlines onto the paper. Do this very lightly or on the reverse as the pencil MAY transfer onto the chocolate. Next, break up some chocolate and place inside a disposable piping bag. Do not snip the end off yet. Put the piping bag into the microwave and microwave until melted. I would start with about a minute, checking regularly. It helps to 'massage' the bag every now and then. Take the bag out and let cool slightly. Twist the bag and push the chocolate down to the end, then snip off just the tip. You only want the opening to be small, so you have more control. Then pipe the chocolate onto the templates. When finished, place the cookie sheet/tray into the fridge to chill. I added some edible shimmer spray to mine when they were done, just to jazz it up a bit. Have fun with it.