Introduction: How to Make Your Own MatVac

In this instructable you will be shown how to make your own "MatVac". The MatVac is a circular mat that goes under a chair, that you sit in to get your haircut at, in your house. The mat has a circular ring around the outside of it. This rings purpose it to suck the hair that is being cut up as it is falling. The suction is created by a very high suction vacuum. This mat allows for easy cleanup for hair stylist that cut hair at their home. The mat can be created to fit any size hair chair, vacuum capacity depending on overall diameter of mat.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Sharpie
  3. 1/8 sheet metal or Rubber Mat
  4. Metal snips or scissors
  5. Hose pipe
  6. Circle template
  7. Electric Drill
  8. 1/4 Drill bit
  9. 1/4 rubber grommets
  10. 5/32 drill bit
  11. 5/32 pop rivets
  12. Pop rivet gun

Step 1: Measuring Your Chair

The First step to making your very own MatVac is making it specifically for the chair you use to cut hair at. You need to measure the base of the chair. For Example, my chair is 15"x15". Therefore, I made the diameter of the MatVac 31", for plenty of coverage for the mat around the chair. After you have measured your chair, you will now cut out the mat for the MatVac.

Step 2: Cutting Your Mat

The second step on the way to making your very own MatVac is picking your material and cutting out your mat. For my mat I chose to use sheet metal, other options are rubber or plastic. Using the measurements from your chair you will know approximatley how big the circle for your mat will need to be. To get a good circle you can use a circle template, or use a tire like I did, with a legible marker to trace the circle. Next, you need to cut out the base mat for the MatVac. If you use metal you can use sheet metal sheers or tin snips, and if you use plastic or rubber you will need scissors or a small saw. Be careful cutting the material, always wear safety glasses, gloves, etc. to ensure your safety. Once you have cut out your circle for the base of the mat you can move onto the suction tube.

Step 3: Creating a Suction Tube

Creating the suction tube for the MatVac is very important. The suction tube ensures how the hair will be sucked up. I chose to use an old hosepipe for my suction tube. The diameter of the hose I chose to use is 1". The smaller the tube the more suction, and the more hair is sucked up. Next, you will need to get a drill bit that is 1/4 or smaller. The size of the hole in the suction tube is a very crucial part to the MatVac. The smaller the hole, the more the suction is spread out across the tube, instead of in just one area. Now that you have your drill bit, you can drill your holes into the hose pipe. Proper spacing of the holes and the amount of holes will determine the suction capacity you will need. The more holes you have the more suction you will need. I put my holes 2" apart, however, you will want to put them 3" to 4" apart, so you won't need as much suction, and can use a standard household vacuum. After you have drilled your holes, you will want to make sure they are nice and clean, by finishing the edges with some rubber grommets.

Step 4: Putting Suction Tube Onto Circular Mat

The fourth step to creating a MatVac is connecting your suction tube to the circular mat you cut out. The suction tube needs to be ran right along the outside of the mat you cut out. There are several ways to connect the tube to the mat, however I chose to use pop rivets. Pop rivets work very well and hold strong. To drill the holes for the pop rivets you will need a 5/32 drill bit. Get your drill and drill holes on the under side of the mat, approximately 10 or so, just enough to guide the tube around the mat. After drilling the holes take the tube and align it with the holes and drill into the tube, only through the bottom side. Next, put the pop rivets in the holes, and pop them using a pop rivet gun.

Step 5: Connecting Vacuum to MatVac

The final step to being on your way to using your MatVac is connecting it to tour vacuum. The fittings on a vacuum will fit overtop of the end of the hosepipe, creating a good air tight seal. If they don't fit together, you can use a piece of elastic circular rubber to hold the pieces us against each other, like in the picture. So, as the hair is being cut you can turn on your vacuum and the hair will be sucked up as it is cut, saving you time at the end of the haircut. The MatVac makes the stress of walking in hair and getting it all over the floor a thing of the past!

Step 6: Video

This is a video demonstrating the MatVac.

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