Introduction: How to Make Your Own "easy Shape"?

About: I'm a working at home mom, with two kids and one cat ;). I love create cuse and useful things, specially with recycled materials: jewerly, cloth dolls, patchwork, etc.

For almost every crafters, to cut small shapes always is a nightmare, and they prefer to buy them already cut. Well, I use to cut my own fabric and felt shapes...years ago I made my own "easy cut system", using cereal boxes and a pin. Just like that!... so, follow this simple steps and make your own, and stop suffering for cutting those small pieces. ;)

I will show you how to make a simple shape, but , with this idea you can cut any shape and any size you need. ;)

Step 1: Draw, Cut, and Glued

I have choosen a small plastic cap to draw the shape. Recycle any card box you have. I use cereal boxes...I have tons of them at home!! ;)

Draw 4 pieces of the same shape and cut them, as good as you can. Then glue them. I use cold silicone for this, because it makes durable. (just a little more).

Step 2: Joining Pieces and Centered

Ok, is time to join the glued pieces, and find the center... To make this story short, just draw the same shape into any piece of paper, cut and doble it in four or 1/4... ;)

Step 3: Punch the Middle of the Shape

Once you got the center in your paper shape, use a pin to mark the center of both cardboard shapes. Be careful, because both of them must be perfectly centered!

Step 4: Make It Works!

This time I have choosen some tulle fabrics. As this material is thin, I can fold it as much as I want, and make more circles at the same time.
After you fold the fabric, place one circle shape over, insert the pin, then insert the another carboard shape. Fabrics, will be at the middle.
Cut all around, using the border to guide the scissors..

Step 5: Done!

So easy, so fun... just need to take the time to make all the shapes and sizes you need... And always use recycled materials! ;)

Step 6: Where to Use This Shapes?

I use this fabric shapes to mix them with different sizes and fabric textures...and recently combined with this yo-yo headbands.
Now is your turn to create! 

Have fun recycling!