Introduction: How to Paint on Sand Stone

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I collect sand stones on the beach. In this instructable, I wanted to turn it into an artistic work.

What you will need.

Red PaintAmazon DE

Blue PaintAmazon DE

White PaintAmazon DE

BrushAmazon DE

Architects saw (U shaped SawU shaped Saw) Amazon DE , eBay

Old CD-Rom

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Step 1: Start Painting

Now start mixing Blue and Red Paint by 50 / 50 percent for each color to get purple paint.

Put the sand stone in the purple paint to get it all colored.

Let the stone for some time to dry.

Then start drawing a sketch or a word of your choice in White paint using the thin brush.

Put some white shadows using the brush and let the stone dry.

Step 2: Making the Stand

I made a Plastic stand for my piece using an old CD-Rom.

First, draw the pieces of the stand on the back of the CD-Rom.

Then, using the architects saw start cutting the pieces.

Use a sand paper to make smooth edges.

Connect the two pieces to get the stand.

Step 3: Finish

Put your art piece on the stand and show it to your friends.


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