Introduction: How to Peel a Hard-cooked Egg.

Step 1: Stap 1

Take an egg. Make sure it a hard-cooked egg, otherwise this could get very ugly..

Step 2: Stap 2

First a trick to check if your egg is hard-cooked..
Take raw and a cooked egg and spin them around.
The one who's spinning the longest is the cooked one.

Step 3:

Next, take the egg.

Step 4:

Throw it in the air.

Step 5: Stap 5

Make sure it hits the ceiling.

Step 6: Stap 6

Catch the egg again.

Step 7: Stap 7

Here you can see where you can start the actual peeling without any troubles.

Step 8: Stap 8

A peeled egg.