Introduction: How to Play the Note Game

A few years ago, me and my friends we made up a game that I found really fun so I decided to share it with the world.

The object of the game is to find the other teams object using the clues that they give you.

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Step 1: What You Need:

-Minimum number of players: 4 (2 in each team). The number of players must be even so that the teams will be fair

-Four fairly small pieces of any scrap paper

-2 small object ex. McDonalds toy. (1 object per team)

-Big area, preferably a house. I think that the minimum is 1600 sq ft but that is completely up to you

-Some sort of pen or pencil


-No note or object may be in the same room

-If you have a two story house the objects have to be on different floors (I forgot to do that when taking the photos)

Step 2: How to Play:

-Divide the even number of players into 2 groups

-Each team gets 2 pieces of paper, a pen/pencil and a object

-Team #1 goes and hides the object while team #2 is in a room where they can't see where team #1 one hid their object. Team #2 does the same thing while team #1 waits

-Each team writes the room in which their object is hidden on one of two pieces of paper and then folds it up.

-Each team writes a very brief description of their object (can also draw a picture of the object) on the other piece of paper and also folds it up.

-Team #1 goes and hides the location and description papers in different rooms while team #2 waits in the "waiting room". Then team #2 does the same thing while team #1 waits

-Once all objects and papers are hidden, the teams can start looking for the other teams notes and objects.

The first team to find the other teams object wins.

Have fun!

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