Introduction: Sink Drinking Fountain Hack

So I was washing my old recorder and I notice that if you poured water into a hole, it will come out another in a nice little arc shape. Thats when I realized that it would be a cool life hack to show to everyone.

Once I saw this photo of a cool tooth brush on Instagram that when you pour water into one hole, it jets out the other. So when I saw the recorder reproducing the same effect, I immediately remembered the photo of the tooth brush.

BTW: I attached a video at the end of this insructable demonstrating how it works if you are confused.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You will need:

-A sink with running water

-A recorder (The flute like instrument that we all played in elementary schol)

Step 2: Doing the Hack

First you are going to take apart the recorder into the 3 parts that it consists of.

Then you are going to watch the video above.