Introduction: How to Prepare for a Crash Test in Rigs of Rods

About: I quit roblox. I'm a Robloxian who loves aviation and intrested in papercraft making.

Now I got interested in crash tests. I tried to crash test a Honda Accord in Rigs of Rods. This picture at the intro is the car after crash test. That Honda Accord is my favorite car in Rigs of Rods. I won't make a how to for side impact.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1.Your favorite RoR truck/car
2.Small track/N-Labs
3.Rigs of Rods

Step 2: Pick the Small Track/N-Labs As Your Terrain

At the terrain selection menu, go to Unsorted. And then select Small Track. Then wait. If you want to use N-Labs, It is at the addon terrains then select it.

Step 3: Choose Your Car/truck

When a vehicle menu is at the screen, choose your truck/car. I don't care about your choice but you are free to choose what car you want to crash.

Step 4: Get Inside

Go to the vehicles tab at the hidden tab above your screen and choose your selected car. The picture shown is not how you will get in.

Step 5: Line Up to the Barrier and Reverse

Line up your car to the barrier you will crash to. After lining up, reverse for enough distance for acceleration of your car.

Step 6: Drive to the Barrier

Drive your car to the barrier until it collides with the barrier.

Step 7: Crashed!

You did it! When you want to repair it, either go to the repair shop(it does not work for me) or press "I".