Introduction: How to Purify Your Water

When you find yourself an a survival situation, you do not always have access to chemicals or a filter to purify the water so you can drink it.

You could just boil the water but this would n't get sand and other particles out of the water and the chemicals will also remain in the water after cooking it. Which in turn could affect your health.

So the best way to purify your water is to use a filter.
Often you can build a water filter with the resources you have available, this gets the particules, dirt and some of the chemicals out of the water.

It is wise to boil the water after you filtered it so that all bacteria and viruses are killed.

Step 1: The Filter

A water filter can be created by removing the bottom of a bottle. Turn the bottle upsidedown (with the cap down down).
and put the following materials in the bottle.
- pebbles
- Sand
- a piece of cloth or bandages
- charcoal
- a piece of cloth or bandages
- Sand
- pebbles

The cloth or bandages are used to ensure that all the different materials do not mix.
The pebbels and sand filter the particules and the dirt out of the water.
The charcoal gets a big portion of the chemicals out of the water, but it won't get it all out. (You can use charcoal from your campfire).
This filter will not remove any viruses and bacteria from the water so you have to boil the water after it is filtered.

Step 2: How to Use Your Filter

Gently scoop some water from a puddle or a pond with your cup, try to get as little dirt as possible into the cup. The more dirt comes along with the water the faster the filter becomes clogged and can no longer be used.

Pour the water from the pool or pond in top of your water filter, catch the water at the bottom of the filter in a clean cup.
it is best to throw away the first bit of water that comes out of your filter it often is cloudy and not that clean.

If the water that comes out of your filter is clear it is good and you can use it.

Boil the water at least 1 minute before drinking it, cooking will kill bacteria and viruses that are still present in your water.

If you put some spruce needles in the boiling water, you'll also have a tasty tea.
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