Introduction: How to (re) Assemble Contigo Gizmo Kids Water Bottle

These cups are AWESOME!! ..but after using them for only a few weeks, my wife and I noticed mold inside the seal. According to Contigo, the seal is not meant to be removed.

I've also seen several complaints online from others about the same issue. Some have said they called Contigo and were sent a new lid. With that said, I would recommend you call Contigo BEFORE you disassemble your lid! But if you've already disassembled the lid to clean it (like me) or if you plan to do so b/c you don't have time to wait for a new lid, then this "how to" is just for you!

Oh, and this is my first ible! Be nice. I apologize for the poor camera work. If you notice any mistakes or need something clarified, please don't hesitate to comment below. Thanks & enjoy!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Parts (see pic): lid, mouthpiece, seal (clear angled plastic piece w/ ribbed bottom), straw, and bottle.

Tools: beater from hand mixer (best option) OR anything strong w/ a rounded tip. I would NOT recommend anything sharp.

Step 2: Insert Seal Into Mouthpiece

Be sure to align the seal and mouthpiece correctly (first pic) or it will NOT go in properly! Trust me.

Use the beater tip to press the outside of the seal into the mouthpiece. The 2nd pic shows the seal partially in (lower part) and partially out still (upper). Your lid should now look like pics 3 & 4.

Step 3: Insert Seal Into Lid

Next, insert the ribbed end of the seal into the lid with the little tab on the mouthpiece facing the handle (pic 1).

This part is a little tricky. Use the beater tip to press the seal into the lid. I pushed the right side of the seal in first (pic 2), then snapped the mouthpiece into place (pic 3), then pressed the left side in last (pic 4).

When the seal is inserted completely, it will look like pic 6, not pic 5.

Step 4: Add Straw and Screw on Lid

Now, just add the straw (pic 1). Be sure to press it down so it touches the lid (pic 2).

Then just screw the lid back onto the bottle and test it out.

Hopefully everything went well, and you can get back to serving your kids using these (mostly) amazing bottles! Thanks for reading my ible! I hope you found it to be helpful. Have a blessed day :)