How to Rebuild a Vintage Router.

Introduction: How to Rebuild a Vintage Router.

About: I am a teacher who enjoys environmentally responsible woodworking. Most evenings will find me in the shop working with my now 8 year old son Shay who is both my greatest helper and biggest fan.

I know what you are thinking, they are so cheap, why bother.  I want you to listen very, very closely when I say this... THIS IS THE BEST $&*#ING ROUTER I HAVE EVER USED.  I have the big cheap Craftsman and I have a decent high RPM little Makita laminate router I use for small jobs but nothing was as satisfying or surprising as the first time I fired up the old Power-Kraft.  The vibration, there is none.  None. My Makita (which I have also put bearings in) cuts nice but it buzzes in your hand.  The big Craftsman has more power but it howls like stones in a disposer, this is quiet.  I no longer used the Craftsman, ever.  The Makita, well I still need it for the little stuff.  If you have an old, early 70's router on the shelf or in the box with bad bearings but otherwise good mechanically do this.  I don't know if every old aluminum body router will be as nice when you fix it but this sure was.  This was the best $30 I ever spent on a power tool.

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