How to Remove Administrator Password in Windows 10

Introduction: How to Remove Administrator Password in Windows 10

how to remove administrator password in windows 10/8. how to delete administrator password in windows 10. This tutorial will show you how to remove or change password of your or any local account on windows 10/8. how to use the net user command to remove the user password at a Windows command prompt. Only administrators can change domain passwords at the Windows command prompt.
To remove a user's password at the command prompt, log on as an administrator and type:

1- type net user and press enter, find your username

2- type net user (your username) * and press enter

3- When you are prompted to type a password for the user, press enter.

4- The system prompts you to retype the password to confirm, press enter.

The password is now removed.


Please note: Non-administrators receive a "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied" error message when they attempt to change the password.


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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    so i had tried this just for kicks and realized that i was already admin and i didnt need to do this LOL


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I input the command but it says access denied. After a few hours researching, my forgotten password was removed instantly from Windows 10 computer with the help of PassMoz LabWin. It is very simple to reset the password in a minute with a nice UI.