Introduction: How to Saran Wrap a Car

Do you want to create a prank that will live in memory forever? Do you want to break their spirit? If so you should consider plastic (Saran©) wrapping their car. This is a classic prank that can be done by people with limited creativity and resources.


  • Plastic wrap
  • Friend(s)
  • Scissors
  • Possibly sticky note –to help the recipient find the end (if you’re nice)
  • Ski mask (optional but highly recommended to get you in the pranking mood)

Step 1: Gage How Much You Want to Prank This Person.

This is an important step to do because it determines how much plastic wrap you will buy, and how much time it will take to complete. Typically, smaller cars take 2 packages (300-500 square feet) of normal Saran wrap.

Step 2: Buying the Appropriate Amount of Plastic Wrap

  1. If you answered “A lot” to step 1, consider buying industrial-sized plastic wrap from Lowe’s or Home Depot, or you could simply go to a local grocery shop and buy multiple rolls of plastic wrap.
    • We computed the ratio of the cost to the area that the wrap actually covers by using the formula C=P/A, where P=Price in $, A= Area in ft^2, C= Cost of wrap per ft^2 in ($/ft^2).
    • For the amount of area each product covers to its price it is approximately $0.01, this does not include other factors that include the cost of shipping and the time it would take to acquire the plastic wrap.

    • Most wraps can be achieved using 2-3 boxes (300-600 square feet) of normal kitchen plastic wrap. More intense wraps may require many more boxes or industrial-sized amounts (2000+ square feet).

Step 3: Remove the Plastic Wrap From It's Packaging

Find the car you want to wrap and ensure no one is around. Then begin by removing the wrap from the packaging, so that you can roll the wrap over and underneath the car more easily. This step will save you a lot of time and frustration. Also you could wear gloves to protect your hands from the cardboard roll, no one will judge you.

Step 4: Start Wrapping the Car.

Have you and a friend stand on opposite sides of the front doors of the car. Begin wrapping by starting underneath the front of the driver's door and begin to wrap up and over the driver's window. So that the roll of plastic wrap is moving in a perpendicular motion from the ground.

Step 5: Wrap Over the Roof

Once past the window, wrap the roll over the top of the car. Since most cars are wider than your arm's length, push the roll so that it unravels along the top of the vehicle. The other person will receive it and pull it tight.

Step 6: Wrap Down the Passenger's Door

Now that part of the roof is covered, wrap the roll tightly down the passenger's window and door. Pull it all the way under the car and roll the plastic under the car to the starting side. Then tighten the underneath plastic and cut it.

Step 7: Securing the Wrap

Once a part of the car is completely covered, have someone cut the wrap and tuck it back under the first layer on the door. This will ensure the wrap will not come apart.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 4-7

Repeat steps 4-7, moving slightly down the length of the car, until the car is completely covered with plastic rings. Do as many layers as you want, but remember it is time-consuming to remove them.

Note: The first time you wrap up the car the Saran wrap will stick together into a very thin strip, but when you get a couple of rolls around the car the wrap should spread out to its normal size.

Step 9: Wrapping the Length of the Car

Have one person stand at the front of the car and another at the back. Begin by wrapping around the front of the car and continuing along the sides. This wrap will cover previous layers and is supposed to be perpendicular to the previous rings. Pass the roll off to the person at the back, so they can tighten it and continue wrapping around the other side. Repeat this step but move slightly up the height of the car until the car is completely covered.

Step 10: Repeat Step 9

Continue wrapping the vehicle from front to back, covering the windshield, headlights, and securing the previous ring wraps. The final product will look like the picture.

Step 11: Conclusion

You have now Saran-wrapped a car! Congratulations on finishing this prank. Film the recipient's reaction or run away. If you want, leave a sticky note on the last strand to simplify the unwrapping process. Beware that actions such as this could start a prank war and may lead to unwanted retaliation.