How to Secure Your Girlfriend




Introduction: How to Secure Your Girlfriend

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This is sort of a followup 'ible to my previous 'ibles: and So, with any luck, you have succeeded in getting a girlfriend...congrats. You will soon notice(if you have not already) that they are very interesting(complex and sometimes difficult). It may be an interesting task to keep her your girlfriend. And so, this is one step to secure your girlfriend. My stratagem is the long game, which I believe is more effective and will end up saving you A LOT of money. Making gifts takes time and money, while purchasing gifts usually takes less time and A LOT more money. So in aiming to please my girlfriend with a sentimental gift, I not only please her but give her something no other guy could give(unless he also reads my 'ible, and gives it to her first). Plus, the materials needed are essentially trash. Good luck!


Time: High - 15 mins 
           Low -  5 mins

Cost: $0

Step 1: Write Something Nice

I wrote, I <3 YOU
              THIS MUCH
              x   INFINITY

You need to write something about love and measuring it, to use the string.

Step 2: Poke a Hole in the Heart, and Put a String Through It

Poke a hole somewhere in the heart.

Put in the string.

Tape the string to the back of the card.

Tape the other end of the string in front of "X Infinity".

Step 3: Fold, and Write Something Nice Again

Fold to make a card.

Write something nice: I previously told my girlfriend that I would mail her something to keep her warm.

Step 4: Kick Back and Relax

Congratulations, you have bought(made?) yourself time and also the happiness of your girlfriend(for the moment). Kick back, relax, watch some sports, enjoy your favorite beverage, and push the thought to the back of your mind for a couple of days/weeks, the thought that this is only one small show of your love/appreciation of your girlfriend and the fact that you should start preparing something else that is as/more sentimental and cheap. 

Good luck and I hope you all meet the right girl that inspires your to make silly cards like this.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    So the idea here is that she keeps pulling and pulling the string? Great! Thanks!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I guess the idea was to turn trash into something sweet...hehe. It was kind of spare of the moment sort of thing and for some reason this came to mind.