Introduction: White T-Shirt With Hoodie Pocket Mod

About: I like to make things. Either out of necessity, being cheap, or just because I can.
You can buy a T-Shirt with a pocket on the chest but you never see one with a hoodie style pocket. I thought I'd change that and make one. If someone made an 'ible similar to this, please let me know. Otherwise...

-Fabric for pocket
-Sewing Machine
-Scissors, pins, etc

Cost:      High: $10
               Low: $0

Time:      High: 30 mins
               Low: 15 mins

Step 1: Cut Out and Reinforce Pocket

Cut out desired shape of the pocket. I reinforced the parts where you're hands go in just by folding and sewing.

Pic #1: Traced the outline of a pocket on my hoodie

Pic #2: Pocket cut out with seam allowance, sewed the diagonals

Pic #3: Diagonals sewn, bottom, side, top are left to sew onto the shirt

Step 2: Sew on Pocket

The top and sides are sewn from the top(sorry I don't know the right terminology), the bottom sewn inside out(not showing the thread)

Pic #1: Centered the pocket, sort of pinned it, then sewed

Pic #2: Bottom sewn

Pic #3: Sides sewn

Then I folded the top, and sewed 

Step 3: Finished

Now you have a snazzy white T-Shirt thats still as casual as a white T-Shirt, only now, with more style. And you have another place to hold very light objects.