Introduction: How to Set Up the Powder Coating System at Techshop Menlo Park

This instructable will go over the raw basics on how to set up the powder coating system at Techshop Menlo Park for all of you who have taken the class and just want a refresher on how to set things up!

Step 1: After You Have Papered the Table and Your Parts Are on the Rack

First thing you'll need to do is check out the kit from the front desk.  They will give you the kit will everything you will need and the key to open the cabinet to the unit.  Then you can head back into the shop and set up. 

Once you have hung your parts on the rack with clean metal hooks clamp your ground to the rack.  Make sure your parts are nice and close to the ground wire to ensure adequate grounding.  Also make sure there is no coating on the hook or the wire that would prevent from getting a nice ground to your part.  For easy clean up put down wax paper. 

Step 2: Connecting All the Parts.

Place your desired color of powder coat into the hopper. Put the lid onto the hopper. Take the lid of the hopper and attach the latex house to the barb.  So the same with the gun.  Connect the plastic tube from the lid into the orange inlet on the bottom of the powder coating unit. 

Take the standard tip out of the kit.  There is a hole in the gasket on the bottom of the tip.  This hole corresponds with the needle on the tip of the gun.  Place the tip on the gun so you are inserting the needle into the hole.  Then take the gray sheilding cup from the kit and screw that onto the tip of the gun.

Insert the male end of the air hose into the shops air supply.  Plug the female end into the bottom of the powder coating unit.

Take the power cord and plug the female end into the bottom of the unit and the male end into the wall socket.

Step 3: Turning the Unit on and Adjusting the Psi.

Make sure both the kv knob and the power feed knob are turned all the way counter clockwise.  Turn the main power switch on located on the bottom of the unit.

Step back over to the regulator for the air supply.  Point the gun away from you and away from your parts.  Pull the trigger on the gun and adjust the psi at about 10-15.  Then step back over to the unit.  While the gun is still pointed in a safe direction, adjust the powder feed adjustment knob until your working pressure is between 4-5 psi.  Now adjust your Kv output so the lights on the indicator are lit to in between 40-60kv while still pulling the trigger.

Once all that is set up you are ready to powder coat!  When you pull the trigger a soft stream of powder should be coming out of the tip of the gun.  It should look the same as if someone exhaling smoke.  If the amount of powder coming out does not look like this, check the psi on the powder feed indicator and the psi coming from the shop.  I hope this was a helpful reminder and your project comes out great!