Introduction: How to Share a Sprint Mobile Broadband(TM) Connection Wirelessly on Mac OS X

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I am going to base this ible on how to share a Sprint Mobile Broadband Connection wirelessly, by an Ethernet direct connection, a firewire direct connection, all 3 ways, 2 ways, or 1 way can be used....

Copyright Info: this ible may be copyed, reproduced, show in any way, and formatted/or edited in ANY way possible

Step 1: What You Need

What You Will Need:
A PPC (Power-PC) processor based Mac OR Intel
A Sprint(TM) Mobile Broadband Sierra Wireless 598U Modem
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or better
Sprint and Sierra Wireless Drivers
Sprint SmartView(TM) software
A Mac
AirPort Card
AirPort Drivers

Step 2: Macintosh System Requirements

Macintosh System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4.11
PPC Processer
AC Cord
Sprint and Sierra Drivers
AirPort Card
AirPort Drivers
Internet Connect (usually included with OS X)
AirPort Drivers
1 USB Slot (open for use)
WEP Protected Wi-Fi
512 MB or More RAM

Step 3: Open Finder

Open Mac's Finder (new window)


Step 4: Navigation

You will need to navigate to: Applications/Sprint SmartView/Sprint SmartView..


Step 5: Connections, Connections, Everywhere...

Connect to The Sprint Mobile Broadband Connection. You may do this 1 of 2 ways:
1.) Use The Sprint SmartView Software. Click Connect.
2.) Navigate in Finder to Applications/Internet Connect. If It is configured correctly, you should see Connect on the Sprint 598U Tab. Click Connect.

Also, for convince and so you don't have to deal with Sprint, add the Connections menu bar thing to the menu bar.

Step 6: Testing Your Internet Connection 1,2,3...

Check To See If Your Internet Connection is Online. Open Up Firefox or Safari and go to: If you are there, it works!!!!

Step 7: Sharing...

Open Up Mac OS X System Prefrences (Applications/System Prefrences)

Step 8: Open "Sharing" Pane

In The Mac OS X System Prefrences Interface, click Sharing.

Step 9: Setting the Sharing Settings

Once you have click Sharing, On the Tabs, click Internet. You Should See Share your Connection from: ------------------------------. Click The Tabs and Click Sierra Wireless 598U. Then on "To Others Using": Click All 3, 2, or 1 option you can use as many as you like. Click Start.

Step 10: Firewall

On The Tab, Click Start

Step 11: Exitumz

Exit ALL Windows.....

Step 12: Information

This Internet Connection (...your) is now shared... By Any Options You Chose...

Step 13: Did It Work???

If you enabled AirPort, you should be able to connect to the internet on any wifi device....