Introduction: How to Signifiantly Reduce Your Acne

I was travelling for work and ate a very strange diet that week(many eggs and a lot of fortified USA milk). A few weeks later I noticed my acne was clearing up. Further analysis of my diet revealed I had taken in considerable amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A(specifically retinyl palmitate). So I began to experiment with supplements. First was a vitamin D which I should probably take anyways since I live in Canada but the acne returned.

The second supplement I took was retinyl palmitate which is animal form vitamin A. You can overdose and die from taking this so you need to follow the directions on the bottle or take less than that. Children are even more susceptible to this. And pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant should not do this as it can have consequences. I'm not a doctor so use at your own risk.

Step 1: Buy Retinyl Palmitate

I purchased halibut liver oil pills from my local grocery store. It also has vitamin D in it so on the bottle it advertises good for bones and teeth.

Step 2: Dosage

I took 1 a day which was 5000UI.

Step 3: Evaluate in 3 Weeks

In 3 weeks check out your face. If you try to pop a zit, it not going to go as easy as it used to. The skin appears to be tougher than it used to be.

Good news is if you leave it alone, the giant volcano zits no longer form and the small ones disappear within a few days.

Now if you take your dosage once every 2 or 3 days it seems to keep them at bay. Usually I am zit free now but i do still get little ones once and a while if I forget to take a vitamin A for a week or poor face hygiene while camping and stuff.


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