How to Sound Like a MLP-FIM Pony [2015]

Introduction: How to Sound Like a MLP-FIM Pony [2015]

Materials:1 voice 1 slight knowledge of music


slight knowledge of music

Let's get started! This is a lot easier if you are a girl or a guy with a particularly high singing voice, but do not be discouraged. It is rather easy to get to do this.

Step 1: Step 1: Define Your Voice Type

For a lot of people this is easy. Just see how high your voice can sing. If you can hit very high notes, and are a girl, you are a soprano. If a guy, you are a tenor. If you cannot, and can hit very low notes, if a girl, you are a alto, if you are a guy, you are a bass.

I suggest this only for sopranos, tenors and altos so that you don't hurt your voice. I myself are a middle soprano, so I can do all of the ponies, with the exception of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. My voice just doesn't do that. Here are a few suggestions of voice types for ponies.

Fluttershy- Light and airy Mid Soprano

Dashie- Guy-like Alto/tenor

Rarity- Pompous High Soprano

Twilight Sparkle:Brainy Alto

Applejack- Country slur Mid to low soprano

Pinkie Pie- Energized VERY high soprano.

Pick your pony accordingly.

Step 2: Step 2: Find a Few Starter Lines.

This is very easy with the help of youtube. Just search up the name of the pony's voice that you wish to recreate.A few lines are here:

Rainbow dash: I can do that in ten seconds flat!


Applejack: Now what the hay did you do that for?

Pinkie pie: Isn't it GREAT???

Twilight Sparkle: Dear Princess Celestia..

Rarity: Oh my stars, darling!

And there you go! Try them out and contort your voice to match the character's by adding a country slur, a british-y accent, going up about half a pitch, down half a pitch, you should know .

Step 3: Step 3: and for All You Crazies....

Run dialouge of ponies when you are sitting alone in the dark in the dead of night. It can be fun to set up your own plotlines and tell your own stories to your insane self.

Another idea for the more sane out of all of you, you can now animate youtube films and you and your (Hopefully existant) friends can voice act them. Just follow all these simple steps, and create phenomenal pieces of pony culture. Love and tolerate, everypony!!!!

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    Reply 6 years ago

    i talk like applejack and fluttershy now :)


    7 years ago

    (Sits in corrner of room with hair brushed like pinkiamina going back and forth repeating "I'm a pretty pony, yes I am!")


    7 years ago

    you just copied another thing.

    and you commented on the other one


    7 years ago

    i think its cool my name is packly ponns maybe you can help with the voices on my new series im making called my little brony friendship is tragic starring my oc packly ponns my real name is jared ,and thank you once again you can contact me as :)